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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Viva la Vida Mario

My much awaited sequel to Mario Back to the Start finally released! 

"Super Mario saves the Mushroom Kingdom and then proceeds to bring world peace to Earth, but it proves more difficult than once thought when Mario is considered an enemy of peace." - Albinoblacksheep

Huge thanks to the famous for sponsoring it and uploading it to their channel

Also just noticed the visitor counter here says 10k but it's very silent here most of the time. Maybe its because I talk enough for all of us :P

Anywayz not sure how many people read this blog and all but thanks for making my life on the internet a memorable one, with my comics, my YouTube channel and even my Facebook page (which is going to reach 1,000 likes soon) 

Here's a little message I left on it a while ago...

"...I hope to continue to entertain and enlighten you for years to come the same way I have in the past and keep going wherever this lonely road might take me. The struggle is great and though failure seems inevitable with so many people encouraging me with their comments, likes, and even critics helping me improve my works to further increase my audience I can only help but wonder... how can I possibly not go on for as long as I live for no matter or whatever the outcome may be if I can share my thoughts to one person and that person shares to another... I am happy." 

Advanced New Year wishes to all! :)

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  1. Kudos to you for perservering no matter what! The world needs more laughter, more joy and more healing!