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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Don't let the Delhi rape victim's death go in vain!

With the recent tragedy in Delhi I think Indians really need to wake up. In ancient India women were given same respect and equality as men and all opportunities for education. Then somewhere along the way women were being sold like cows for marriage through dowry which led to female infanticide by poor people who couldn't afford to raise up girls. These kind of things led to the fall and degradation of Indian women to the point where men were considered their Gods and even followed the brutal religious practices of Sati (burning of a live woman after her husband's death). Thankfully the government intervened and passed some strong laws against all this but people's mentality also must change.

Don't let this poor girl's death go in vain. End the dowry system and female based abortion/infanticide, and give equal education and chances to work for Indian women. To truly raise the respect of women's life, her well being, and safety we must go into the root of the problem.

Give life imprisonment for any one who rapes! Make these vile creatures like rapists think twice before doing any brutal action!

Remember your mother and how much she sacrificed to give birth and to raise you.

Let all the sorrow we feel for this girl in our hearts now echo the voice of change in all cities, villages, and provinces throughout Mother India.

Jai hind!!


  1. Well spoken, Santhosh!

    I´m quite curious what this development will lead to... especially if there will be any legal persecution at all!


    1. Thank you for your support Chris! I think this incident will bring about some changes for good.

  2. Well said! Especially coming from a man. Rape is atrocious. Respect for all of life needs to be instilled at a young age. Only through respect, love and mutual caring and sharing will we all heal, prosper, bring about world peace and grow as a civilization.