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Saturday, December 22, 2012

22nd December 2012.. wait how am I still here :O

So everyone said the world will end in 2012. They showed you the Mayan Calendar, showed you some weird coincidences, religious connections blah blah blah.. guess what it didn't end infact NOTHING happened. It is simply a fear that mainstream media and a few cult groups tried to instil into us just like they once did with Y2K panic and we as people continue to be gullible. Now this may all be very funny and harmless to most logical people (other than that dumb Hollywood movie 2012 we were all duped into watching) but there were mass suicides planned even by some people to avoid the so called apocalypse. Now think for a moment what religions are telling us everyday based on claims written down hundreds of years ago without the least bit of proof or credibility. Sound similar to 2012 claims? Now think of all the people who have died because of religion, fights and violence engaged, brainwashed even poor innocent struggling families to donate money to fraudulent televangelists, and some people to continue painful even deadly rituals to this day to mere stones with idol worship Think of the fights between Hindus and Muslims, the war crusades by the Christians... all based on a claim written down in funny languages hundreds of years ago! Now I am not a hater of religion and know most people associated with it are good but it does feed some hypocritical politicians who lead millions and some nut psychopaths like Bin Laden who use it to destroy people. With religion a person can make any claim he or she wants without giving proof and trust me most people with power LOVE taking advantage of this to the fullest power. All I ask you now is inspired by the lately revealed 2012 hoax to really seek the facts behind all the myths including your sacred beliefs and open your eyes to the truth so they take advantage no more... religion may have had a purpose once upon time ago before science but it is quickly losing all value and deteriorating into something that it was never meant to be in the first place.

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  1. Have you ever heard of the Unitarian Universalists? I myself am sickened by all the religious chicanery but I choose to light a candle for Truth and Love rather than hide behind some label. To me spirituality is ice cream and each religion is like a flavour, more "colored" by customs, history and language than anything else. I really hope to see other people comment on this.