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Friday, January 11, 2013

Making money from what you study!

Our education system should focus more on how to earn money from what you learn so that less youth are tempted to pour into our already overfed IT industries and Mcdonalds outlets after graduation.

The one that suffers the most ofcourse is Art. Even in the most expensive art colleges they teach you how to paint but not how to sell paintings. The result? One average artist who has natural ability to sell his work makes millions while thousands of other talented artists are unable to earn a living and forced to take up jobs completely unrelated.

Van Gogh never sold a single painting his entire life despite being so much more gifted than other successful artists of his time. He died in utter poverty a miserable death. Imagine how many artists are going through the same at this very moment simply because they were never taught properly how to sell their work. Think about it!

Oh and if you think poverty and the starving artist makes the art more beautiful or strong that is bullshit! Picasso lived a very rich life making millions off his paintings and they have just as much soul and remain a masterpiece to this day,

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  1. Wow, I really enjoyed your insights. Thanks for being so raw